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05 September 2013 @ 03:25 pm
Ignorance and flirting  
Gotta love morning buses and particularly Finnish morning buses. Everybody's so tired, they just wanna crawl into their own corner and not pay any attention to people around them. I got a bus ride to school and sat good half an hour next to my good friend and didn't realize before she got off and we were both like WTF.

Anyway, that's not what I wanted to talk about... Since this is my dustbin of any gay related feelings, I have to mention about what happened recently. While I was working as a clerk the other day, there came this girl to my cash register to pay and I had a strong feeling that she was flirting with me. This has never happened before and it took me a while to realize.

She was already looking at me from queue, giggling about something with her friend. Approaching closer she was looking at me intently while I was beeping the products. Then she comes to pay, acts all silly and smiles to me a lot. I felt all flustered and
got a strong urge to flirt back, but I didn't dare, because there were lots of clients staring at us. I was glancing at her quickly while doing my job and she was really pretty. Totally my type. She had a wavy red hair that was just long enough to reach over her chin, black rimmed fashion glasses, thick eye liner and brown eyes. She seemed a bit goofy and had a really cute giggle.

She asked me "Do I push this card here?" and tried to push the card from below. The question was really silly, cause there is no young person who doesn't know how to use these machines and it's pretty obvious that the card hole was on top of the machine. Besides, she didn't seem genuinely confused. More like trying to be funny, the way she was giggling and taking a good look at me. I was a bit dumbfound, chuckled and said 'nope, it goes there'.

I was really awkward and messed up something so that her card didn't work. I don't know why, but she got serious that moment too and stopped flirting. Then when she was leaving, she didn't take another glance. I got a bit sad and started doubting, whether I imagined everything. I tried to see if she would turn around to look back, but she didn't. The next person on the line looked at me knowingly. I wanted to hide.
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