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09 November 2013 @ 08:59 pm
Miss Brendon  

Hehhee. Panic! at the disco performed on Miss Universe 2013.I finally know what my parents think about them.
I was about to shout that "Hey it's PATD! Remember the band I used to listen to when I was 16?" I didn't have a chance because both mom and dad were totally insulting his singing skills. Back then I would have gone crazy if I heard anything bad about Bden. :'D

I'm sure they didn't recognize him as my teenage dream. He has changed quite a lot. Tbh I feel his singing is kind of.. worse? He's ADHD seems to be taking over these days. I don't know what's with the squirmy moves and weird facial expressions. But I was still super excited to see them perform after such a long time.

I'm doing better now. Mostly thanks to my amazing room mate. It's good to see colors in life again. I know now that all my problems stem from depression. I know I'm not half bad. I just have difficulties to flourish at the moment. But I'm sure I will.. one day. Felt awesome in my roomie's party last night. I got to know so many awesome people and I totally felt like they were digging me :) I can't tell with words what it means to me, cause I'm really quite absorbed with the thought that people won't like me. One girl said that I seem like a totally awesome person and my roomie is so lucky to have me with her. Felt like crying cause I think I'M the lucky one here! She's my life source. I'm also in a process to see a real psychiatrist. The one before was only psychiatric nurse. Let's hope everything goes well.